Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am sure I am not the only one who finds inspiration in beautifully made things!
As a crafter I am alwayz drawn to well made things!
They inspire me to excel at my own craft!
Does it happen to you too!
Check these gorgeous things out!

Who can remian unmoved by the innocence of the child so well captured in the pic!
This bird on the fence is symbolic of so many things in life!

Look at this little blue house sitting alone, dwarfed by the weeds which have taken over its once pristine front lawn!

This is so peaceful , like balancing them balances me.
This 112 yr old ledger is testimony to passage of time!

The beauty of the bottle,the buds,the open pages is just breathtaking!

The intricately made mamma & baby hedgehogs are so pure in their simplicity!

What inspires you when you see something!
What makes you want to excel!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wish List!

Do you have a wish list!
I do ..................a mile long!
Considering I had ALL the money in the world I would want these!

These awesome Stuart Weitzman 2M$ kicks would be first on my list......................won't I be Cinderella!
For this,I just don't need money but a good figure too;)
But a girl can alwayz dream!

This luxury yatch would be mine too baby!
I would absolutely lurrve to have this cottage!

Would feast on this yum Russian Caviar DAILY;)
I have a BIG HUUGE wander lust so a private jet won't be asking for too much right;)
A girl's wishlist is imcomplete without Diamonds!
Madonna...........I am with you on this!

ALL of Satya Paul's sarees,I have few but they are so damn expensive!
so if I had a free run on money,ALL would sit proudly in my wardrobe!

A trip to Antarctic!.....hooooooo...........cooold!

I think that's about all.........FOR NOW!
see I am so nice,have a teeny tiny wish list!
What is YOUR wish list?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Giveaway Monday!


Yup ................I am here with the first giveaway on my blog!
It's exciting:)
I want to introduce you to Seth from Flower of the Dead
He has all things "Day of the Dead". Prints, block prints, figurines, original paintings on wood, painted wallets, skull rosaries, and whatever else that pops into his head! 

 oooh.................isn't it just WOW!

In his own words

I'm an artist living in the SF Bay Area (in an old farm house that is falling apart) with my wife, two little girls, and one boy or girl on the way.
I make my living as an artist. Murals are a big part of what I do right now outside my Dia de los Muertos art.
My Mother and Grandmother are both artists, so in a way I take after the women in my family more than the men.
I started focusing on Dia de los Muertos themed art because it is a genera that remained an art for the people, and has not lost it's folk, or outsider art feel. And any true folk art that comes out of this ares will always have a heavy Mexican influence.
Before my attention turned almost exclusively to Mexican style folk art, I was an icon painter. Which is the reason many of my skeletons are posed looking straight ahead at the viewer like saints on icon panels, and I suppose it will always be that way for me because I am drawn to the sacred nature of artwork that honors the dead. And art honors the dead like artwork inspired by Dia de los Muertos.

Seth is offering you all a chance to win a flask/print/ block print/a set of coasters of your choice !
To win this is what you have to do!

Mandatory Entry

1.Follow My Blog & leave a comment letting me know!
2.Have a look at his shop & comment on what  would You like to win!

Extra Entries

1.Follow me on Facebook here.
2.Tweet about the giveaway & leave me a link.
3.Post it on your Facebook & leave me a link. 
4.Follow Seth on Twitter here
The giveaway end on Sunday night & the winner will be announced along with the new giveaway on Monday!

Goodluck Guys!

Giveaway Winners!

The winners for HoneyBearLane giveaway are announced!
Tracy J
Joanna@go ahead & snicker
Congratulations girls..........Enjoy shopping in either of my shops:)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not a Happy Sunday!

You know I am in what kind of mood today?
Kinda sad,depressed,cheerless:(
Though I would like to be like this!

Want to feel light as air,not the heaviness in my heart I have now!

Go on a long drive leaving my worries behind!

Back to innocence!

Soar up & up & not be weighed down by the material problems!

I am so scattered right now& it's really hard to prioritize !
I find myself struggling for inspiration ,I feel overwhelmed and wonder where all my time goes !
I think I need some time away from the computer,my business yet I hate to do that! 
what about you? 
Do you feel drained from spending so much time on the computer every day?What do you do to feel re energized,happy & fresh again!
I am in desperate need to have some inspiring words,support ,encouragement, love & hubby being away is no help:(

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet the Puff Quilt Queen-Heidi!

She exploded into the crafting scene with her puff quilts...................literally................her puff quilts were ALL over,on every blog worth its salt & believe me...........I was blown away with her craftsmanship & I have been a fan ever since!
Imagine my excitement when she agreed to do an interview for my blog.....................so meet the super talented Heidi from Honey Bear lane

I just drool & drool with amazement everytime I see her puff quilts!

So here is a Q & A  with the super mom,wife ,businesswoman all rolled into one -Heidi...........

1. Describe Heidi

Hmm...I guess I'm kind of a weird person, 50% extrovert, 50% introvert.  I love being social but I also could stay in my apartment for several days at a time without seeing anyone and be fine.  When I get too much social interaction I have to retreat to be alone or just with my husband.  I love to craft and sew (which is obvious) and am pretty ambitious--too many ideas, too little time!  I love being a mother most even though it's so hard but they (and my hubby) are the best thing about my life!

2.Describe your typical day

M/W/F I go running early with a friend so I'm usually pretty productive on those days.  If I run errands they have to be at around 11:00-1:00 due to my kids nap schedules.  I will do computer/blog stuff for a bit in the morning while my older son watches Super Y and my baby naps, then I clean or sew or play with him during the gaps.  During their naptime I try to do the majority of my work.  Then we have dinner and put them to bed and I veg on the couch with my hub doing more blog/computer stuff and watching TV.  I'm super boring!!

3.What inspired you to start blogging?

I started a personal blog back in 2006 and was pretty regular about blogging in it until I got into my Honeybear Lane blog, about August 2010.  I have always loved to write and it's even funner when people are actually reading it!  I also wanted a place to share my girly crafty stuff that my brothers were super bored by so I didn't put it on my personal blog.  So when I started to really go for it with my Etsy shop, I started a blog to go along with it and my crafts found a home.  

4.How did the puff quilt idea pop into your head?

My sister is a really amazing quilter and made a puff quilt, queen size, for her bed.  Pretty sure she did it the traditional way though, she has the patience for that!  I always loved it and wanted to make a puff quilt someday.  When my best friend asked me to make her baby a quilt, the thought occured to me that I could maybe do a puff quilt, although I HAD to find a way around the hand-stitching thing!!  So I came up with my own little method which I have perfected many times over now.  

5. Would you consider opening up a B & M shop in future?  

Hmm, there was a time when I thought it would be fun, but I would say no.  My kids and family will always come first and having a brick and mortar shop would prevent me from being able to just pick up and go as needed by my family.  Plus my interests are always evolving so it would be hard for me to stick with the same thing for a really long time!

6. What is your idea of a romantic getaway ?

I would love to go to New York City or Europe with just my sweetie.  Of course a cruise or resort would be fun, but I have more fun discovering fun things with my husband and sharing memorable experiences and pictures.  We've always dreamed of doing those things together.  

7. What did you want to be as a kid?

This is so funny, but as a kid I wanted to be a cartoonist!!  I loved drawing little cartoon characters and they were so lame it was funny.  Glad I abandoned that idea.  My sister actually is becoming a 'cartoonist' (animator) but she's an amazing artist!

8. Dreams for your future.

My dreams are pretty simple...I just want to raise good kids and have a happy family and husband.  I want us to be able to pay off our student loans and own our dream house and be able to travel and do some charity work.  

9. Why did you shut down on Etsy & do you plan to reopen it?

Etsy has his own little community and a nice way to be found without making much effort.  However, I was getting bombarded with requests and my work was overwhelming me.  I didn't have enough time for my family, so I needed to close down for a bit to reconfigure.  I have actually opened up just to sell patterns and it's working well so far.  

10. Advice for women who want to be moms,business women,bloggers & successful!

There will be times when you get frustrated, maybe feel like you are failing or too overwhelmed with everything.  If you really love what you do and really believe in it, then it will be successful.  You just need to get through the hard parts and re-evaluate your situation when it isn't working.  Don't be afraid of expansion, such as hiring employees or renting a workspace.  But above all, keep your priorities straight!  Don't let your work consume you and make you neglect your family.  Keep them on your side so you can find the best situation that works for you!!  

WOW...............I am soooooooo glad that she is back with a  pdf  for her puff quilt,so now you know my next project;)......................THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH Heidi for this fun interview & I wish you ALL the success in the world to you,your lovely family & your business!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I am a proud Momma!

Yes I am!
I am blessed with 2 very intelligent,sensitive & wonderful kids (remind me this the next time they start fighting!)
Today my son graduated from class 2 & my daughter from nursery:)
I felt so proud walking down the corridors of the school with my kid's arms full of trophies & certificates they won!

My son is an exceptional Orator.......at the age of 7,he can recite Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru's speech on Indian Independence Tryst With Destiny in full flow.............he has won many a prizes for that!
He has been winning Outstanding Performance & Achievement in Academics & Extra Curricular EVERY SINGLE YEAR!
This was my daughters first school year & she came back with the same trophy her brother has been winning for past 4 years:)

I have tears in my eyes & I know my decision to take a break from my career & job has been totally worth it!
Yes,I am a Proud Momma:)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome Spring with a Giveaway!

I just wanted to give you a sneak peak into what is coming next.....................((monday...........sshh...it's a secret;)

To get a chance to win either of these & mucho mucho more..............come back Monday when I will be ready to welcome the spring with this fab giveaway!

Red is in the air!!!

Off late I am making lots of RED bags!.................did I tell you it is my fav color?
Well..............now you know it is:)
I had this gorgeous patent leather in Red lying around for quite a while & I finally started on it yesterday!
I have decided to make a plain double strap tote  & have riveted cute lil flowers on the front..................whaddaya think?!?

Could not finish it yesterday as I ran out of red zipper...............will finish it today:)
Did I show you the new leather tote's I made...............here is my neighbor sporting them!

I have to finish at least 4 purses today,all are in different stages of making!
Will be back with an update soon:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Giveaway with 2 winners!

One of my favest blogs is Honey Bear Lane.......................& Heidi has very graciously agreed to host  a giveaway for me:)

So hop on here to see the details & TWO winners get 20$ credit EACH to any of my shops:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

spice it up!

What would Indians do without spices!
I can not imagine my daily food without the proverbial Indian spices!.................turmeric,chillies,cumin,corainder..............you name it & we use it in EACH & EVERY meal!
So naturally one thing you will find in every Indian household is a spice container.It's usually a stainless steel circular box with small bowls & spoons inside ............like this............I too have this,my mom gave it to me as part of my wedding kitchen thingies!
Believe me I had NO concept of a spice rack till I came on Etsy.............I know it sounds dumb but I have only seen the circular steel box till now!
So I was just looking at different spice racks available..........................I am interested in buying one & see what all I came across!

This is a VERRRRY traditional Indian spice container ,I have seen it in villages,I can't find it anywhere,but if I do,I am buying it!
The wooden spice rack is so .........umm...........can I just say WOW!!
Next up is this super cool Bulb spice rack!
I really really liked this idea!
This plain & simple magnetic spice rack is very practical right!
This one is pretty common but it looks so efficient!
I loved this test tube thingie too!
I spy a tutorial on how to make this magnetic spice rack!

I just may try this...............sticking them on to the fridge is such a neat idea,saves space too:)
How do YOU keep your spices?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pin your interest!

Do you know of this new site called Pinterest?
It's a new site kinda virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste!
You can collect and share all sorts of things -- wedding inspiration, favorite products,home decor ,diy. You name it, people are pinning it.
I applied a few weeks back & got a mail today with an invitation to join.
It looks pretty cool to me!
Join me HERE

See I already found some cool things!
I can also pin the tutorials I want to make ,my shopping list!
Wow............I am excited!
Off to pin some more:)


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