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Glad you like it! I am an Indian, 'Of Indian Origin' is about creative work done by artists and designers linked to India by body, mind or soul!

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Love your blog - I've just become obsessed with making bags and purses and yours are so beautiful! Very inspiring and helpful. Cant wait to get started! Kim xx


Your bags are too cute...and your tutorials...are very very informative! I'm a newbie in everything sewing...I'm interested in sewing faux leather handbags. What kind or which sewing machine would you suggest?


Jaja..........if you are planning just to make a few for yourself,go in for a regular sewing machine,if you want to make them for commercial purpose,it's wise to invest in an industrial machine!
I have both:)


Dear Priti,
Its me Dhilma from Sri Lanka. I started following your blog recently and feel thrilled that an Asian woman has accomplished so much! Great going! I am also thinking of starting a small online business (no idea what to supply still) and wonder what you do about international shipping costs? Do people from far purchase stuff on line, will there be a good market? And do you quote your price inclusive of shipping? And do you do all the sewing yourself? How do you manage, being a working mom ?(I assume you're working since you're a qualified engineer)
I am also working from 8-5pm (I'm a MBBS qulified doctor, working as a lecturer in the Peradeniya Medical Faculty) and have a 20month old mischievous son. I have a helper and my parents help out with baby sitting an all but still my son demands much of my time. I am crazy about sewing and have recently discovered a love of quilting .
Please help me out with some advice if possible.
I love following your blog and feel strengthened to know that an Asian woman has done so marvellously. Here's wishing you the Very Best in your future endeavours Priti!
Take care,


wow Dhilma.........thank you so much for your kind words!
I will get back to you with all the details you want!

Gail Seymour

Found your blog through Facebook, lovely bags! You might enjoy followig my blog with sewing tips and timesavers. www.gailadesigns.blogspot.com


Hi Priti,

Love your blog and bags. I am new to your blog but have browsed enough to feel very proud of you. I was very touched by your daughters birth story. My daughter is almost four now and at birth went to NICU as well so I can relate to your feelings somewhat. Compared to you I had it easy though..had everyone around me and her problems were not as big. Seeing your daughter doing so well is hear warming indeed.We are far from homeland but are very proud of our men in uniform and their families who quietly go on never asking for help. We live in the US and first lady here is trying to create awareness for struggles of army families and I feel that our soldiers and their families need to have a voice as well. Would love to learn more about army life through your blog if possible. You do mention having to move every two years. That has to be challenging to maintain your career. Good luck to you in your business.

-Neha (San Jose, California)


hey Neha.........thank you so much for taking the time out to write to me:)..............My brother in law stays in san jose,CA,small world:)........Being an Army wife is fun & challenging at the same time,it's nice to see that the hardships are understood & appreciated :)


Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I wanted to leave a comment on your front page blog about your son's birthday but somehow I was unable to do so from my computer (total novice am I). Just want to say, I enjoyed reading your post and personal and pretty blog.

Caravan Family

Great blog! Are you happy with the Usha Janome? What model is it? I'm planning on buying this machine but doing my research first ;o) Are you happy with it?


Jzin.............thank you so much for your kind words:)........I am glad you liked my blog:).........hope to see you around!


indian essay.............yes,janome is pretty good!

Caravan Family

Thanks priti. Do you have janome stitch magic? what model do you recommend for stitching bags, blouses, kids' clothes etc?


yes,I do have stitch magic!

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