Thursday, June 3, 2010

shirred shirt dress

hi all
I know this blog is for my purses................but till I make enough inventory I thought I will post this shirt dress I just made.I used prudent baby DIY tutorial using around a meter of fabric that is almost 1 yard.
I pre-washed & pe shrunk it as it is cotton!!!!!

I just love the shirred waist.I have shirred a few dresses before so it was pretty easy for me this time around.Hand winding the bobbin with the elastic does the trick !!!!!!
I made lines with chalk to get straight lines.............it can be quite tricky removing elastic using seam ripper if your lines go wonky:)

Here's the back
I lovvvvve the pretty batik print & Indian cotton is sooooo good,believe me.The colour is so warm.I'm going to make a matching coin purse from the leftover fabric

The bias tape has been used in quite a brilliant way............great for new sewers.....it makes the neckline & armholes look really neat.

I wish there was somebody at home to click my pics wearing it:)
Here is the tutorial


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