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Cute Bum toddler pants with shirred ankles & J pockets- Tutorial

I have been making a few things for Sasha off late & been taking pics too:)
So here is a tutorial for a cute pair of pants I made for her with J shaped pockets & shirred ankles.Here is she preening in her new pants:)

I find the shirred ankles adoorable:)

 This is what you will need
Fabric-yardage will depend on the length you want.
Contrast or matching fabric scraps for the pockets
elastic thread -1-2 metres
1/4" elastic- enough for the childs waist

We are going to make 2 legs separately & then join them.So you have to cut 2 rectangles,1 for each leg.
Measure your child from waist to ankle & add 3" to it,that will be the length of the rectangles.Measure the child's waist &  add 1" to it & that will be the width of the rectangles.So now you have 2 rectangles as per above measurements.

 I was making this with leftover fabrics ,didn't have enough yardage so I used 4 rectangles,joined 2 first to make 1 leg & other 2 to make the second leg.The seam is at the outside of the leg like adult pants.
Now fold the 2 rectangles lengthwise & keep them open sides facing each other like they would finally while sewing.Now make a mark 1" down from the open upper edge & draw a line joining this mark to the end where the rectangle is folded like this.Do it for both the legs.

Now cut the fabric along this line...ONLY FOR THE FRONT PART not the back.This ensures that the front dips a little lower than the back which gives a good fit:)This is what your pants will look now.

Now we will add pockets.I used assorted pink fabrics.Take 4 rectangles 7" by 6".Stack in twos for two pockets & cut them in J shape like the pic .

I cut both the J's in the same direction so ,don't do that mistake !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now put two pocket pieces right side together & put the machine on the longest stitch & sew the J curve only.Pull either the bobbin thread or the needle thread & gather the curve a little.Put the machine back on the normal stitch & sew the curve again .Sew shut rest of the pocket too but keep a  2" gap to turn the pocket right side out.After turning the right side out sew the gap shut & your pockets are ready.

Now fold the top edge of the 2 legs 1/4" & sew it.
Take a pants which fits your child well & measure the distance between back of the waist & the crotch.For my daughter it was 9".Take the 2 legs & again mark 2 J 's along the open edges like this.The length will be your measurements from the pants minus 1/2". I made a mark at 8.5".The width of the J is 1.5".

Cut both the front & back sides for both the legs.

Now sew the pockets on the sides around 2" from the top edge.

 Now comes the fun part.......SHIRRING!!!!!!!!!!!
I just love shirring.But before that sew the ankles edges.Fold it 1/4" iron,fold another 1/4" .......pin it & sew the ankle edges .

 Take the elastic thread & hand wind the bobbin.

Put a normal thread on top of the machine & put the machine on the longest stitch..If you haven't shirred before try  on a scrap fabric before.Draw a straight line on the ankle 1/4" from the edge ,another one 5 mm from the first line on both the legs & start shirring.I love the way the fabric just gathers!!!!!!

Shir 2 lines on both the ankles.
Now pin the front J of one leg to front J of the second leg & similarly for the back too.While pinning remember to put the right sides of the legs together.Sew the curves shut.Sew with 1/2" seam allowance.

As you can see the leg seams are open sew them shut with  a 1/2" allowance.Now all you have to do is create a tunnel at the waist & thread an elastic through it.Fold the top edge 3/4" inside,pin it & sew it .Remember to keep a 1" opening at the back to put the elastic in.Take a 1/4 " elastic & cut it equal to your child's waist measurement minus 3".Take a safety pin & thread it.Sew the elastic ends shut securely.

Try it on before you sew the gap shut as you can still alter the elastic as per the fit.If it fits well sew the gap shut & AHOY!!!!!!!!!.....................the cutie pants are ready:)

And this is the pic that made me name the tutorial Cute Bum Pants:))))))))))

Have fun making these & enjoy 4th of July weekend:)



Oh, those are so CUTE!! I love those shirred ankles! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


jaya pratheesh

hi, just found your blog thru sewmamasew, very impressed with your work! thanks or the tutorial links, i'm planing to make the halterdress soon!


These are so cute! I love the pockets! I'll have to make some for my granddaughters!

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