Thursday, August 5, 2010

Adding a favicon to your blog

Have you noticed that some blogs have a very snazzy icon in the URL instead of a regular e in blogger blogs?????

See mine.I have a flower from my header.............this is called a favicon.I always wondered how some blogs had it, it really stands out.I recently found that it's called a favicon,I tried to find a tutorial on how to do it & frankly most of them were very confusing!.

I did not want to mess with my html with no idea of the output!!!!!
Finally I figured out how to do it & decided to share it with you all:)

The problem I faced was all the tutorials asked to upload some icon pic......now where  to get a pic which matches your blog that too in such a small size had me baffled & I didn't want to add any random pic!!!
Now the tutorials ask you to insert the URL of your icon file,here's how you can find the URL.
Go to your header,it is the picture at the top of your blog,right click it & click on the option "View background Image" .The image will open up without the text,this is what I got for mine.

All you have to do is now copy the URL of this pic & replace it in this tutorial.Its amazing,the code chooses a part of the big pic itself,I have no idea how!!! But as long as it matches with the theme of my blog I really don't care how:)
Its just 1 step coding & voila!!!!!

I also made a banner from this pic using picnik.Those of you who do not know what picnik is ,it is an online photo editing service,very simple & effective.It allows you to upload photos from your computer or from website that you have accounts with like facebook , myspace ,flickr. You can then edit and add a lot of special effects to the photos.I am a lousy lousy photographer but picnik has saved many a pics of mine;)
I made this banner to join top mom blogs ,ain't it cool:)


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