Friday, August 27, 2010

Etsy Friday

Etsy is a wonderful online mall for hand made stuff............I am sure lot's of you are aware of it.The newbies on etsy are forever struggling to get noticed...................it does not mean their stuff isn't good enough ,its just that they get lost among the more successful shops.I have decided to feature one such great etsy shop every friday:)

While scouring for goodie goodie shops I came across this name.......Feltluv.
I was intrigued by the name..............I assumed she must be selling felt items & I decided to pay a quick visit to this shop & boy!!! Was I hooked??????
She has such charming felt necklaces & brooches!!!! & I do not like anything made of felt!!!!!
Even I am forced to admit how much I loved them:)  How can you NOT love it?????
Such crisp & clear pics !
 This one is my favorite
I love her vintage collection too.Check out this lovely teal teapot...................makes you wish for a tea party right now:)
 She has everything at such reasonable prices too!! I wish her all the success & loads & loads of sales:)
Visit her shop here.



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