Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ruffled purse with 3 layers

Guess what this is???
My son thought it is another skirt for my daughter:)
Its actually a purse!   (In progress......dah!!!!!!!)           I had thought it was pretty obvious but my son gave me a reality check:)
Its looking pretty nice to me.......................I sewed it after all:)
The ruffles in three tiers is actually quite an interesting design:) It complements the geometrical symmetry of the material.But making the ruffles on such a hard fabric WAS difficult!!!!
But worth the end result:)
This actually reminds me of a Scotsman wearing a ruffled kilt:))))
If I get enough comments on this I will fix up a tutorial to make this too:)
So watch out this space.


Rock Paper Scissors

Please post the tutorial on how to make it. It looks gorgeous!

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