Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tutorial-How to make interesting leather straps for purses

I really like to experiment a lot in bag making.I am bored of the plain straps,so I made these chic straps for my new purse & clicked pics so I could belt out  a quick tutorial :)
Here is what we are going to make.
 Isn't it yummy looking:)  For this you have to first cut strips from your leather/faux leather/rexin or whatever material you choose.The dimensions are 5" wide by whatever length you want.I have used 20".So cut 2 strips of 5" by desired length.
Draw a line on the wrong side in the center of the strip lengthwise like this.Ummm.............OK the line is really faint but I hope you got the point,if not I  am here:)
Now fold one side lengthwise (wrong side together) so it touches the line in the center & sew.
This is what you will get.
Now fold the other side similarly & sew.Now you will have a strip 2.5" wide.Fold it in half again & sew the entire length.Sew 2 more lines at regular distance lengthwise throughout the strip.This is the result,a 1.25" wide strap.
Now fold it once more...............last time I promise:)
Leave 1.5" at both ends & sew the rest shut & Voila!!!!!!!!
Your smart purse strap is ready.Repeat with the other strap.
If you are making this with regular fabric I would suggest you add interfacing to the strips before you start sewing.So start strapping up!!!!!!



Genious!!!Thanks for taking the time to share!


Looks great! Can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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