Saturday, September 18, 2010

All new revised pdf pattern

I have woken up today with an aching left shoulder & neck.Good Ole spondylitis is going to pay a visit:(
Yash is leaving tomorrow & he will be out for 20 days......Oh God...............I just hope I don't get vertigo attack as well!

I am not going to dwell on my pains & aches now,it will just make them worse!
On the brighter side,I have revised my pdf pattern & pretty happy with how it has turned out.Earlier I had not incluses pattern pieces as I felt it is very simple but then not everybody is comfy cutting curves so I have introduced full size printable patterns .
Now my pdf includes pattern pieces & instructions for 2 sizes regular & mini.
I have also added 3 types of pleats with instruction.
This pattern includes the option to sew the straps or rivet it..................so I am pretty happy with the all new revised pattern:)

This is on sale now .You can buy it from here.


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