Friday, September 17, 2010

Find how your customer found you!

 Hello all
 I wanted to share a business tip with you guys.Whenever I have a sale in my shop I really want to find out how did the customer find my shop!
I don't want to bother the buyer by mailing & asking so I always wanted to have an option of somehow asking that in the checkout process  .
So while fiddling on my paypal account I found out a convenient way to do that!
This is how you can do it too.

1.Log in to your paypal account.

2.Under My Account you can see Profile at the end.Click on it.

3.Go to Selling Preferences  & click on Custom Payment Pages( it's third from the bottom).

4.Click on Options .

5.You can add a gift option which I think is really nice & professional touch!

6. Next you can add the Customer Service Survey Under Merchant Service Options

I have added the question as  How did you find "Arm Candy For You" instead of me or my shop.Again I feel its more professional.You can set up any question.
There are 5 answer options,the  options I chose are
Ad on some site
My Blog
Etsy /Google
I just wish there were more options!.............But it's OK.
7.You can also offer promotional emails ,offer promotional information like sale announcements or newsletters.I have a newsletter,so it's great that I have this option! But remember that if you choose this option, you also need to offer an unsubscribe service.

So go ahead & find out what you always wanted to know:)


Sara Palacios Textiles

Thank, I am new at Etsy, I am learning the way to navigate. I like your work.
Sara Palacios

Baby Diaper Cakes and beyond by LaTersa

Your information was so helpful. Thanks a million!!!! Check out my blog at www.diapercakesbylatersa.blogspot.com or my etsy shop at www.etsy.com/diapercakesbylatersa

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