Sunday, September 5, 2010

My son is 7!!!!!

Time flies.............I feel it was yesterday when I held this tiny lil mite in my palms(not even hands) & now he's telling me who hits the hardest in the WWE matches while nonchalantly singing "Waka Waka"!!!!!
Time does fly:)
We celebrated our son's 7th birthday yesterday:)
Here are my brats............mwah mwah:)
Kids loved the Mickey Mouse cake.Was super yum!

We loved the candle even better than the cake!
And the games were the main attraction for the kiddos
I made noodles(no kiddy party of mine is complete without them),mac 'n' cheese,the yum samosa,veg patties,few more snacks & the cake of course.The kids were soooo tired after playing so many games the younger ones especially,they plonked themselves in front of the TV.............Adi (my son) knew Mom wouldn't say anything in front of his friends;)
The poor waiter was so confused !!!!!
I am finally gearing up to the fact that my son is growing up & I saw his expressions when the kids sang out "Many girlfriends to you":)....................It won't be long before he actually gets his first girlfriend home!
The idea of a growing up son just reinforces the fact that I am growing up (old) too:(
Well...............here's to many more birthday's for my darling & much success 'n' happiness with each passing  year.


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