Thursday, November 4, 2010

Professional FaceBook Fan Page

Most of the Etsians have a facebook Fanpage.....................so do I,albeit a very new one:)
It's a great way to make business connections without bugging your friends & family by constantly posting your new items,treasuries,FP appearance,triumphs & tribulations!
It helps to have a Professional looking page which is not just inviting,but helps you project that you are a serious business person.

I have been twiddling with the applications on FB & with the help of tips from a fellow etsian have found out a way to make your fan page really pro & you can encourage people to fan your page too!
This is my landing page for all non-fans..................I have reeled in a few fans since I put this up on my FB

Now how to do this...............let's start:)

1.There is a wonderful application on FB called FBML which you can get from here
Once you go to the application,click on Add to my page just under the avatar.It will give you choice of your page & you have to simply add it.Leave it here,we will come back to it after a few steps.

2.Now you have to decide  what image you want on your landing page.Ideally it can be your products,you can choose a single image or make a collage.I made mine in the fancy collage section of picnik.Picnik is free,you can use any other photo editing tool like photoshop,gimp etc.Save your pic in jpg or png format.Write the text you want to on it,I have added a discount for my FB fans till a particular date.This can encourage people to fan your page.You can offer anything you wish,free shipping,discount coupon or simply nothing:)

3.One important thing to remember is that your pic SHOULD NOT BE WIDER THAN 500px
I learnt it the hard way by getting my pics chopped off rudely!Once you have it saved ,you have to host it online.The simplest way is to use photobucket. 
It is free & very fast.Many of you may be knowing how to do it,but I will explain it to the newbies anywayz,just go to photobucket & open an account,signing up is like any ordinary mailing list & free.Once you have opened an account ,up load the pic you want for your fan page.It will be saved & you will see it like this (you may not get Dr Batra's ad thgough;)

I have circled a link in black on the right side of the pic.You need to save this link,this is the where your pic is hosted.

4.Now go to your fanpage,click on Edit Page  under your avatar ,click on applications & you will see your FBML application you added earlier on. Click on Go To Application & you will be directed to a page called Edit FBML.
In the box add any title you want to,I have added WELCOME.Next is the box titled FBML where you have to add the code.This is the code you  have to add there

5.In "Your website link here" you have to add the link to where you want to direct the people who click on the images.It will open in a separate window so don't worry about people being directed away from your FB fan page. If you want to add your etsy shop DO NOT add your shop URL,I don't know why but it does not work.Add the URL to a section instead.Like I have my "designer bags "section added


Somehow it will lead to your shop &  not the specific section,so all is well:)

6.In "your image link" add the link to the pic  from photobucket  which you saved earlier & you are ready to go! Save it & your page is ready!
Now how to make it your landing page.Go to Edit Page under your avatar & click on Manage Permissions  & go to Default Landing Tab.In the drop down menu add WELCOME or whatever you have named your FBML box as the landing page.Now all your non fans will come to this page.

When I did this the first time I kept worrying why I was directed to the wall & not on Welcome.I thought it was not working! Log out & then come as a guest,you will land on WELCOME page...............it works ,so chill:)

7.You can add more FBML boxes too same as above.I have added another called DISCOUNT here
This page gives details of how to avail the discount...............very neat & crisp!

I hope you will enjoy doing this & if you run into any problems I am just a comment away:)



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