Friday, March 25, 2011

I am a proud Momma!

Yes I am!
I am blessed with 2 very intelligent,sensitive & wonderful kids (remind me this the next time they start fighting!)
Today my son graduated from class 2 & my daughter from nursery:)
I felt so proud walking down the corridors of the school with my kid's arms full of trophies & certificates they won!

My son is an exceptional Orator.......at the age of 7,he can recite Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru's speech on Indian Independence Tryst With Destiny in full flow.............he has won many a prizes for that!
He has been winning Outstanding Performance & Achievement in Academics & Extra Curricular EVERY SINGLE YEAR!
This was my daughters first school year & she came back with the same trophy her brother has been winning for past 4 years:)

I have tears in my eyes & I know my decision to take a break from my career & job has been totally worth it!
Yes,I am a Proud Momma:)



Congratulations to the children!!! Sooo many certificates and trophies.


thank you:)
I am incredibly proud of my brats:)


Congratulations! Great way to end a school year!


Daisy..........where HAVE YOU BEEN!
I miss your comments:)
Thank you:)


So proud of you!!
luv ya

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