Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not a Happy Sunday!

You know I am in what kind of mood today?
Kinda sad,depressed,cheerless:(
Though I would like to be like this!

Want to feel light as air,not the heaviness in my heart I have now!

Go on a long drive leaving my worries behind!

Back to innocence!

Soar up & up & not be weighed down by the material problems!

I am so scattered right now& it's really hard to prioritize !
I find myself struggling for inspiration ,I feel overwhelmed and wonder where all my time goes !
I think I need some time away from the computer,my business yet I hate to do that! 
what about you? 
Do you feel drained from spending so much time on the computer every day?What do you do to feel re energized,happy & fresh again!
I am in desperate need to have some inspiring words,support ,encouragement, love & hubby being away is no help:(


Magpie Shinies

There's a quote from My So-Called Life that I always loved - "There's something about Sunday night that makes you want to kill yourself."

Maybe that's a *little* dramatic, but I get you. I had a project planned, even went to the store to buy the supplies, and b/c I was tired, I decided the project was dumb and didn't buy anything. NOW I wish I had, because I re-looked at my drawing and decided it was a good idea. So I'm a little depressed b/c of that!

So while I don't have anything to cheer you up (sorry) other than to say that I hear you, and try not to feel too bad. I think the things you do are amazing!


oh thank you!
it's one of the times when nothing feels right,I really can't explain the heaviness in my heart,I am not depressed but just sad!
Thank you for being supportive!

Monkey Sews

I have felt that way for 2 days now. Grouchy and feeling inadequate. Don't know why. I think that the "routineness" of life gets to me sometimes. I do the dishes and 10 minutes later my teenagers have trashed the place! I make something new for my shop and nobody is buying. Frustrating. Maybe the moon is affecting us. I'm not really into that stuff but I, like you, feel that nothing is right and there doesn't seem to be a solution except patience. Hang in there!


you hit the nail on the head!
I don't know how to feel RIGHT!
hang in there...........I am sure there are lots of us in the same boat:(

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