Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photography props!

Well..............if you read my blog ,you know by now,my Achilles heels are my pics!
I can make wonderful purses,design techniques in my head & translate them into reality without a single prototype but when it comes to clicking their pics,I am as creative as a sack of potatoes!
I just for the sake of God CANNOT figure out how to use props & make my purses look artistic!
So I have been looking around for inspiration & found these gorgeous Etsians who have used wonderful props & yet their items are standing out & not merging with the props....................if I do them,you will be confused as to exactly WHAT is for sale!

#So here is my list of WOW pics#

Photo credit-Pillipillihandmade

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO creative!
I would NEVER in a million years think of keeping pencils with a pencil case,or a small notebook!
look at that paper boat...............I am really jealous,why can't I think of these things!

Here is another of my fav Etsians, MerriweatherCouncil,all her items have some very interesting props & they never interfere with her main item!

Photo credit-merriweathercouncil
I love how the spools & wooden clothespin look perfect with the bunting!

Check out this set of 4 porcelain cups,I can never ever never think of putting a chipped piece of porcelain in the cup,doesn't it elevate a mundane cup to another level!

Photo credit-LittleWrenpottery
This is another example of creative explosion!
I have seen tons of complaints from people saying they hate seeing earring on a person,but look at this!

Photo credit-catchalljewelry
Is this WOWEST or what!
I am yet to understand how to click pics with a blurred background,something to do with aperture,conversion lens & other blah blah that goes right over my head!

This pic is so artistically done,the simple wall pockets are looking just so..........Shabby Chic & plain stylish!

Photo credit-funjyshique 
Now who wouldn't want to buy them!

This is again one of my absolute fav's
Photo credit-OldNewAgain
The plain wood shelf is accentuated with  the simple glass vase which is again blurred in the distance,the glasses...........all this just makes me feel ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!
Why can't I think of all this!

Ok I am going to lick my unartistic & uncreative wounds in private,you can enjoy these goodies meanwhile!



these are wonderful examples of how to prop-erly use them! wonderful blog!
Gina from http://www.ginalimosaics.etsy.com
thanks for sharing this with us!


lol...........it's high time I learn how to use then prop-erly;)
thank you for taking the time to write the comment:)

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