Friday, March 11, 2011

Smart Momma's Bunting-Tutorial

Yup...........I am a smart  momma!
My son has been going on & on & on & on........................(I too can go on & on but you got the point right!) that I don't make enough things for him,in the middle of tons of purses I am making!
So what do I do,I make a project which takes about 10 minutes by taking all possible shortcuts & the end product still looks good!
So I present to you Smart Momma's Bunting!
This bunting literally took me 10 minutes to make!
My son's name has 6 letters as you can see,so I needed 6 scraps of fabric!
You can choose yours!

Smart Momma Step 1*  Take as many scraps of fabrics as the number of triangles you want!

Smart Momma Step 2*  Once you have them,take some scraps of iron on interfacing & iron on to the wrong side of the fabrics..................who has time to lovingly fold fabric multiple times so it maintains its shape!

Smart Momma Step 3* Mark triangles measuring 4.5" at the base & 6" high & cut them.
Now a smart ass momma does not want to bother with the seams ,so comes Zig Zag Scissors in the scene!..............see that's how a smart momma reduces her work!

 So you will have all your bunting triangle in about 5 minutes!

Smart Momma Step 4*- Now a smart momma does not have time to make a tape to sew the triangles on,so pick a piece of ribbon or webbing as I have! Decide the length you need & space the triangles evenly on the webbing/ribbon & sew them in place!

Smart Momma Step 5* Take 2 D rings & place them at the ends to act as hooks & zig zag sew them to again avoid sewing 2 seams!

Smart Momma Step 6* Now paint your child's name/spring/summer/welcome.................or whatever you fancy on them!
& Tadaaaaaa......................Smart Momma's Bunting is ready in flat 10 minutes!
My son is happy & in turn momma is happy!

Happy Smart Sewing:)


Orange Blossom Boutique

Way to go momma! I bet your son loved it!

Sorta Southern Single Mom

Great idea! It really is so much easier to make things for girls!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!


LOL...............he totally did!

Holiday Snob

Love this tutorial, because I am a LAZY seamstress!! (stopping by from Be Different Act Normal

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