Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scary evening!

Had a bad bad scary evening yesterday!
I am down with respiratory tract infection & have been feeling crappy past 2 days!
In the evening my kids went to the park to play with the person who SUPPOSEDLY looks after them!

My son went off with his friends to play cricket & my daughter was playing with her friend Priya & suddenly they get the bright idea of going for a walk!

So my 3.5 yr old along with her 5 yr old friend WENT FOR A WALK....................ALONE!
Without informing anyone!

After half an hour the so called caretaker realized she was missing from the park!
& boy did it put all of us in a tailspin!

She is actually very careful & cautious ,I am surprised she pulled this stunt!

I took out my car & went on a search,my hubby came home immediately from office & he went on a search,the caretaker alongwith our dog,my son with his gang of boys on bicycles...................the other childs parents...............it was like a massive manhunt!

It was probably the most stressful hour of my life!
It was getting dark & even though I stay in a military cantt. which is very safe but the thought of 2 small children lost in dark was terrifying!
After ONE WHOLE hour of searching, the other set of parents found them in some alley safe,sound & scared to death howling for their moms!

Needless to say they were lost & I am surprised their teeny tiny legs carried them so far!
I am just so glad she came home safely.....................and believe me she was so scared to come to me knowing I will be angry,she just clung to her dad refusing to let go!

This really shook me & reinforced the fact that how thankful I am to God for my lovely family!



Oh my goodness, how scary! I'm so glad she was safe!


Thank you Anne & yes it was super scary!


Oh wow, so happy things turned out well for all of you! I got stressed just reading this, I can't begin to imagine how you must have been feeling. I remember going for a 'walk' by myself when I was about 3, and trying to cross a street and almost getting hit. Boy was I in trouble that night!


tweal...............oh yes,It was most definitely stressful!.............I kept imagining all possible horrible things!
I am glad she was found safe & sound!

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