Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Howz ME!

hmmm...............the new blogger set up is confusing!.............nice but confusing:)
As the topic says it all,this post is about MOI..........& MOI only:)
well,I wanted to show you my new designs:)
but before that did I tell you I got my company registered?
Yup I am the CEO,manager,designer,photographer,copier,mail woman,peon of my company (............happy to be all in one:))
so yes,CONGRATULATIONS are in order;)
I am still reeling under the mountain of paperwork,formalities & ofcourse the empty bank account,but this is a step forward,first step towards making something big,something better,something I built from scratch !

so now I am going to bombard you with some pics,feel free to click out,I am just showing off the new jewellery making skills I have picked up alongwith  photography skills;)

see you soon:)


Princess Jadina

Congratulations and beautiful work!


thank you dear:)

Art n Craft Emporio

Fantastic Jewelry Collection here.. image quality is very good.
Please keep posting.


what a great collection, you should post these products to buy online....

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