Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tutorial on how to make roomy 3 D pockets

I make loads of purses & one thing that is essential for a purse/bag is pockets!!!!!!!
Everywhere I see the pockets are same.Sew on 3 sides & you are done.You know what,I don't like them!!!!!!!!
The pockets should have room to keep things in it....................so I make 3 D pockets & I am going to share it with you all too:)
I will explain how to make 2 types of pockets.


Now we all carry gadgets right??????
What would a girl do without her i-phone,blackberry,kindle etc etc ..................
So I use batting to add a little bit of padding.
Cut- 2 pieces from the pocket fabric-6.5" by 6".
        1 piece batting -6.5" by 6".
Now stack the pocket fabric right side together & then the batting.(don't put the batting in between the 2 fabric pieces....................after sewing it you will have to grab your seam reaper!!!!!!!     yup,been there done that;)
 Now sew the 3 layers from 3 sides.

It is OK to sew at the edges as after turning it we will be top stitching all four sides.
Now turn this inside out so that the pocket fabric is at the front & back with the batting in the center.
Turn the fabric on the 4th unstitched side 1/4" inside & top stitch it.So you will get a padded pocket patch of 6" by 5.5".

Now to add the pleats to make the pocket 3 D.
From the bottom edge mark a point at 1.5" (A) & another at 0.5"(B).Mark at both the edges like this

Now pin point A to point B on both the sides & pin it at the top too so you get an idea of the final size of the pocket.

Stitch the bottom edge only.Remember to back stitch at the pleats so it does not unravel.
Now to sew it on to the inner lining.When you keep it on the lining..............if you haven't pinned at the top,it may flare at the top.Have a look

The first pocket is the right way to stitch it.Pin it if you want.If you sew it like the second pocket then it beats the entire purpose of making a roomy pocket!!!!!!!!.
This is how it looks after sewing.Ain't it so much spacious than a regular pocket???

Back-stitch all the edges.
The final size of this pocket is 3.5" by 5.5".You can change the measurements as per your choice.

Now to make a big pocket with compartments.Cut 2 pieces from the pocket fabric 13" by 6".Stack them right sides together,sew on three sides,then turn them inside out.Now top stitch the 4th side by tucking it in same as a regular pocket till here.Now mark A & B on the edges same as before & sew 
 at the pleats.

To compartmentalize it ,mark the center or of you want 1 pocket bigger than another mark it towards 1 side.
Now from the center make a mark 2cm on both sides.From this ,mark another point 1" to both the sides likes this.

Now make the pleats same as before & sew them.Make sure there is a gap of 2 cm between the 2 pleats.Place this on the lining & remember to keep the edges straight & sew on all three sides.Lastly sew carefully from the 2cm gap between the pleats to create the compartments.

This is what you get finally.Isn't it soooooooo much better than regular pockets????????
If you make this kind of pockets please link it back here:)
And if you have a flickr account  post the pics in my flickr group
Hope you enjoy your big roomy pockets:)



Perfect tutorial! Thanks for sharing it, I've been wondering about the flat pockets being unusable, this is much better!


I am glad you found it useful:)


These are fantastic instructions! I linked you to my blog http://cravingcolor.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/yoga-bag-with-optional-pocket/


thank you so much:)
It;s nice to know when someone finds my tuts useful:)
thank you for linking:)

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