Monday, June 7, 2010

Are giveaways meant for international bloggers???????

While going through sewmamasew i bumped into this post by  a fellowblogger about giveaways.
The blog in question Pinkpetunias is hosting a giveaway involving  two yards of Apples and Pears fabric from Alexander Henry, one new McCall's Fashion Accessories Retro Aprons pattern (M5643), two vintage buttons and one Retro Diner: Comfort Food from the America Roadside cookbook.

I really liked her generosity but was forced to think about the implications for her as well as international community.I am an Indian & I am a relatively new blogger...................but I have been following lots of blogs & sites which conduct regular giveaways.
Somehow i have never seen an international or oversees winner.................is it because of internatiional shipping??????
Honestly as a person doing a giveaway  does this factor come into your mind???????
I am very reluctant to enter any of these giveaways ...........I am planning to host one of my  own after I am established but I am already thinking of the shipping cost involved.........................is that the reason why international bloggers dont win???????

Pinkpetunia............................let me know what is in your mind:)
All the best for your wonderful giveaway:)



Some giveaways aren't international, but some are, and if it doesn't say I usually just assume they are (I'm only Canadian but by some standards that means international). My giveaways (I have one going on right now if you want to check it out!) are international, but the winner is selected randomly. Since most of my followers are American or Australian that means the odds are in their favour of winning. So even though an American won my last giveaway, that was still an international winner technically, and the shipping was more than if a Canadian won. If I was giving away something really big and heavy or something you can't ship to all countries (like seeds) then it would have to be open only domestically. In your case I'd definitely recommend entering if it doesn't say US only- not any harm done!


My giveaways are generally international as well. I would exclude international if I was doing something very heavy but a couple yards of fabric and book are not too bad. Besides, most of my international followers are very inspirational (craft wise) to me. :)


Hello Priti, I was also wondering about these giveaways and assumed they were for the people in the country of the blogger. I am from Sri Lanka and was really thrilled to have come across a blogger from our closest neighbour! I'm also new to blogging and my blog is on a really basic level and lacks frills and fancy stuff (http://dhilmaa.blogspot.com/) Mainly because I am a working mother and also internet access is limited. Anyway, so happy to have stumbled upon you!


welcome to the world of blogging Dhilma:)
hope to see you often & around:)

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