Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pink purse for my pinky baby;)

When i decided to start making purses to sell........................I also decided to start a blog,to be a part of the crafting community.But as all newbies I am too facing the problem of having a blog which is nothing more than a personal dairy.
There is no point in having a blog which no one follows................so I started harassing my sister to follow me & she being my sister knew how to get a good deal out of any situation;)
I made her follow my blog by promising to make her a purse.So dear sister this is for you:)

I just love the pleated details.Believe me this purse is made of pillowcases:)
No kidding!!!!!!!!!!!     I just loved the print,the colour so I actually bought the bed sheet along with the pillowcases to make purses out of it:)
The lining is unbleached cotton & the purse is pretty big.The finished dimensions are 10 ½” tall x 16 ½” wide at bottom x 14 ½” wide at top x 4” deep.Like I said BIIIIG

The purse has pleats at the back & front & I have used fusible interfacing for the outside fabric as well as lining.So the purse has its own form,stands on its own & does not flop down.The straps too have fusible interfacing with triple stitching so they are really sturdy:)

The purse has a button closure with an elasticated loop to keep everything safe inside.
I have added big 3D pockets.I really don't like the pockets which are just sewn at the edges,there is no space for a fat wallet;)
Anyways I like the pockets to be roomy so that is how they are.There is also a pen slip & a separate pocket for mobile.Have a look

Here is a better pic (better by my standards................I know my photography skill suck:(

So Pu dear enjoyyyyyy:)
For next purse YOU ARE PAYING


Canndy Pan

The bag seems really nice.
I totally feel you about writing blog with no ones fellow.... But keep up!!! Sometimes it just a sharing for me. :) i am your swap partner papacancan from "Check Out My Blog!"



Your blog is great. Your purses however, are AMAZING! I am so jealous that I live in the states and shipping would be ridiculous for a purse! Keep crafting!



Very nice purse! I love making purses and totes, love being able to switch purses to match my outfits!

Puja Kokate

yeeeeeeeeeeee i'll make a new google account n follow u.. so u gotta make another free one for me! :)


Your purses are so sweet!

ANd don't feel badly about the lack of comments: it takes a while. I've been blogging for a few years and I can tell you that it took a good while to build up my readership and form relationships with people. Give it time♥

Millie Green

I LOVE it. Repurposing sheets and pillowcases is getting to be a habit for me. Right now I am doing a pair of pillowcases to a nightgown and will have a tutorial for this up soon. I never thought to do purses from sheets, but it is a great idea, and I thank you for the inspiration!

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