Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tutorial-how to add a magnetic snap to a bag/purse

Hello all
I have grand plans of adding regular tutorials for purses on my blog..............assuming I will be successful;)
I do not want to repeat adding magnetic closures in every tutorial.So I am making a separate tutorial here.........which I can link every time..................ain't I genius:)

 From the fabric cut a strip of 15" by 3.5".Dont worry,this strap will be folded into half so the actual length will be only 7.5".
Now there are 2 ways to make it.............either add batting or fusible interfacing (Do not put it on the fabric directly.........it will tear after some time,if you are using heavy fabric then cut just a small square & fuse it where you intend to put the snap).
Whatever  you choose cut that 14" by 2.5".I have seen tutorials which use same sized interfacing/batting ,but after folding it ,it becomes pretty thick & difficult to sew (I have had a few broken needles too!!!!)
After you cut the interface ,iron it to the wrong side of the strap,fold over the extra fabric on the sides & sew it.

Now a magnetic snap has 4 parts..........1 male part with prongs,1 female part with prongs & 2 washers to go with male & female snaps.
Before you insert the snap mark the centre of the strap first (very important!!!!!).To do this, first fold the strap in half  lengthwise. Mark1 ½” up on the center crease.To figure prong placement, put one of your washers (metal backing pieces) over the center marking you just made, and mark inside the long holes too

This is what it looks like

Fold the fabric so that the prong marks are at the top. Clip through the interfacing(batting)  and fabric on both long marks just enough so your prongs will fit through – don’t clip too far down or your slits will be too long and you will have holes that show next to your snaps.
Insert the male part of the snap through the RIGHT SIDE of the fabric, so the prongs poke out the back of the fabric.
Don't mind the uneven sewing on the sides............I am recycling an old patch & this is before I ironed it:)Now back this up with the washer .

Press the prongs down one by one firmly.Now fold over the other side of the flap & top stitch on all 4 sides.This is how the strap will look from both the sides.

Sew this on the purse firmly.Don't forget to back-stitch the edges!!!Use the same method to insert the female side of the snap on the purse.Mark the centre of the purse & using the washer mark the holes.

(Ignore my stubby finger with flaky cuticle........its genetic;)Insert the female part form the RIGHT SIDE of the fabric & secure it with the washer at the back.
This is what you will get.

Now you are ready to rock it with your belongings safe in your purse thanx to your magnetic snap!!!!!
This was my attempt at a tutorial,I have tried to be thorough with lots of pics............but if this confuses you in some way,please ask me,I would love to help you out:)


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