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This is the time of year again when the kids schools are off for the summer break & I am busy planning my holidays.Where should we go this year???????
One thing I would love to do is catch up on the movies .....................there is a good Hindi movie called "Rajneeti" ,but I believe there are a few "MATURE" scenes in it...................my son is in now an impressionable age where he watches "those" interesting scenes google eyed!!!!!!!!
So I am not very keen on this particular movie.
Another movie I am curious about is Sex & the city-2.Though I am not really fond of the series but the glamour quotient is enough to hook you for the 1 hour the show used to air...........but an entire movie about 4 shallow women?????????
That may be too much for me!!!!!!!
I absolutely can not stand Samantha...................how self absorbed can you be??????????
I was reading the reviews & I believe they land up in Abu dhabi?????
Of all the places in the world the conservative Abu dhabi!!!!!!!!!!!
Dubai I can understand........................how are they going to strut their stuff among abaya clad women??????
Even I was scared when I went to Abu dhabi. Now I am an Indian & I am born with the genetic disorder of a misplaced sense of modest dressing as all Indian women ...........so I am ALWAYS dressed conservatively  NO plunging necklines, NO raised hems!!!!!!!

Even I was warned by the guide to dress conservatively while touring Abudhabi.I was really scared lest my tattooed upper arm with an Indian God offend Islamic sensibility!!!!!!

So here I am dressed head to toe in black despite the soaring temperatures in accordance with the local women's black attire (wearing an abaya was not a compulsion like Saudi Arabia.........thank god for small mercies)!!!!!

Now tell me how is the mighty Carrie Bradshaw going to show off her bras falling out of her dresses here????????
Like I said Dubai is alright.............even I wore a swimsuit there.............but I have heard horror tales of women swimming in the Dubai side of ocean & crossing over to the abu dhahi side & being jailed as women are prohibited to swim publicly in Abu dhabi!!!!!!!!
Is that real????????????
Well...............I certainly didn't want to try !!!!
So here I am safe in the waters of Wild Wadi in Dubai

Adi is hanging on to me for his dear life.He has just learnt swimming ,till now he was really scared of water.

And NO..................I am not plain fat as it looks , I am 7 months pregnant!!!!!

What I really enjoyed in Dubai was trying out all the jewellery,now I not big on jewellery probably that's why I enjoyed trying things on without actually coughing up a cent!!!

This enjoyable trip had an ending which caused me a  lot of headache!!
After the holiday we reached the airport to come back home.My husband was flying back to Ivory Coast where he was on  a UN mission & I along with Adi was flying back to India.
We checked in & while my hubby was checking in the luggage I headed towards immigration as we were to take separate flights.Out of nowhere 2 beefy men carrying walky talkies came over & demanded my son's passport & went away with it ???????
Why...................he was just 3.Now I am pretty fair by Indian standard & my son in typical Indian brown complexion.He is his fathers spitting image,looks nothing like me!
See for yourself

So there I was worrying that what if they arrest me as a child trafficker:)))))
It sounds funny now but I was shit scared back then....................fortunately my husband came just to say a final goodbye & found me almost in tears!!!!
Since he was carrying a diplomatic passport,things just smoothed out from there.I was whisked away from there with my son's passport back in my hands.I sighed with relief when I finally reached Bombay airport!!!!!!!!

As much as I enjoyed the holiday I am in no hurry to go back there with all the officious looking important men strutting around in their imported mercs everywhere & all of them  seem to have absolute power to do anything they wish!!!!!!!!
It was then I realised the difference between staying in a democratic country & a dictator run country!!!!!

Um...........I have again digressed from the original topic:)
Well as I said I have been planning a holiday I very keenly watch travel & living.I was watching "Bridget's sexiest beaches"
Frankly her assets hanging out of her bikini top & her botox gone wrong weird wrinkled cheeks are quite a turn off!!!!!
She should have stayed in the playboy mansion  & not messed with a classy channel.
I quite enjoy Samantha  Brown's shows though.She is so much fun with a definitive guide without being overbearing . 
So I am sure I will come up with a plan shortly as to where should we go............
P.S.-did I mention my husbands leave is still not approved???????
So all this planning may not actually come to fruitition but whats the harm in day dreaming;)



This was quite an informative post. I didn't realize that within India, different areas held different dressing codes. I always had the impression that there was a country wide policy that everyone shared.

- arabella28 from swapbot.com

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