Sunday, June 6, 2010

International success

There is this wonderful product called as Zip Sheets meant for parents with small accident prone kids ;)
By accident i mean the nightly bed changing antics we all as parents have gone through!!!!!!!
Boy..............am i glad my brats are out of that "accident prone age"!!!!!!!!!!!!
These sheets are however available only in crib & twin size.I had a custom order from a customer who wanted these sheets in queen size(80" by 60").The set includes one zippered bottom sheet.....................its pretty inconvenient for such a big bed so i decided to make a regular fitted bottom sheet as against a zippered one.This was the easy part ,it was the top sheet or piddle sheet as the site calls it ..................the most difficult part of the project.
I had to take 2 sheets ,put a water proof sheet in between them & quilt it!!!!!!!!!!
It was really difficult to first of all find a water proof sheet thin enough & strong enough to endure washing in the machine regularly.That achieved,it was impossible to pin them all toether(i couldnt pin them as i didnt want to puncture the plastic sheet).
Now imagine sewing 3 QUEEN size sheets together,one of them happens to be a slippery water proof plastic ssheet  EVENLY with a quilting diamond pattern on a 33 yr old domestic machine!!!!!!! ..................phew
Believe me it was a herculean task getting it all down especially because i could not pin them all together.
Lastly i had to put velcro all around the bottom sheet & the top sheet.
The problem i faced here was my beds are king size so i had nothing to put the bottom sheet on!!!!!!
Now all of you know that the sheet will stretch once its on the mattresss........................without that stretch being sure that the velcros of top & bottom sheet matched caused me many ulcers!!!!!!!!
Anywayz i was done with it & i dumped them all in the washing machine to test it.Didnt want it to tear when my customer tried it.Washed it twice but the sheet withstood all the temperature,rough cycle & all:)
I was done!!!!!!!!!!!
I packed it & shipped it with a heavy heart..................i had made something like this for the first time,you may not know that there is no concept of fitted sheet sin India.............though i have made custom order fitted sheets previously,but this was much more complicated than a regular fitted sheet.Anyways i shipped it praying desperately that she would like it.After a few days i got a message from her that she still had not got the sheet...............i checked the tracking & told her that it may take a few more days as it was coming all the way from India to US.
And guess what??????????????
She had no idea till then that this was an international order!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was only then that she realised it!!!!!!! Needless to say there were butterflies in my stomach till i got her next message.
Well her message was worth all the heartache i was nursing:)
She loved it................not just that she wrote a very flattering post(an entire post not just a mention) of my sheets.
She recognised all the hard work that had gone into making the sheets & i was surprised to see the way she had noted the small little details of the packaging & the fact that this was all Handmade:)
Here it is

As much as i loved her response & my truly international success its highly unlikely i would make anything like this ever again!!!!!!!


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