Friday, June 25, 2010

Tutorial-To make a rosette using fabric scrap & leftover zippers

I have been sewing for quite some time & that naturally results in lots of leftover fabrics .I also add zippers in lots of projects.Many times I need a smaller zip length & so naturally I have to cut it .So the left over zippers are also being collected in my scrap bag:)
I really cant bear to throw away all those pretty fabrics,so I end up making rosettes to tack them on anywhere I need.I just made 1 for my daughters dress & I would like to share it with you all:)

Take a piece of fabric scrap around 33"-35" long & 1"-2" wide.Serge the long sides & sew the ends so there are no loose threads.
Put your machine on the longest stitch setting & run a stitch through the centre or near one edge lengthwise like this.

Take the leftover zip tape & separate the 2 sides.Run a stitch on the longest stitch of your machine all along the edge of the zip tape.

Now pull one thread from both the sides so that the fabric & the zip tape start bunching up together creating a ruffle.It does not matter which thread you pull.It can be needle thread or bobbin thread just be careful that it does not break.This is how it will look.

Now take the strip of the fabric & hold one end in your left hand (right if you are a lefty:).Start turning
the strip in circles like this.

Keep doing this till the entire strip is used up

Take a needle & thread & sew all the layers together at the  back.I have seen people make a circular patch & then sew all this on the patch but I see no special advantage in adding another step to your work as it does not make a difference as long as you sew carefully not missing any layers:)

This is how the front will look.For a fuller rose all you have to do is take a longer strip !!!!!!!!

Now repeat these steps on the zipper tape too & tack it on the centre of this rose.


You can put this on a dress,hair band,shoe................pretty much anywhere you fancy:)
This turns out really well if you make it in tulle.I will put up pics if I make it in tulle too:)



cool really good
i can attach to my bag itself


Sakina.........you can ask for leather sewing thick thread in any craft store:)

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