Friday, July 30, 2010

Purse supplies

On our last in Delhi I decided to go to Sadar Bazaar.Sadar Bazaar is one of largest wholesale markets of household items in the capital.Earlier, Sadar Bazaar was a small market mainly catering to the needs of the people of the nearby area but gradually it became one of the known markets of capital for cheap and quality products . At present, the market deals in lotsa items other than household ones especially bag making supplies:).
 The market can be aptly described as a total chaos but to experience and view the other side or aspect of Delhi, a visit to the bazaar is definitely required but don't say I didn't warn you about the chaos:)
 Due to shortage of time I  went straight to the area  where bag manufactures are located.
I was amazed to see soooooooo many shop selling purse & bags in wholesale.For a moment I thought I was in China;)
I bought these amazing fabrics for purses,actually they are more of rexin,rubber kind,not really sure about the material,but they are really sturdy ,durable & good looking:)
This one is my absolute fave...........the dalmatian print really stand out.it also has lot of texture which I unfortunately didn't click properly:(

I also got this yummy floral printed fabric.

 This too has an amazing indented texture.See????

This one was very classy so I had to buy it.The clean lines & geometry is just wow!!


I also got other bag making supplies.I like to put some accessories to the handles instead of just sewing them on.The variety was mind boggling but I choose only 3 types.This one is "Oh so lovely":)
See the prongs at the back?????
They go in the fabric to secure it & the handles can be sewed or riveted in the loop above.As simple as that:)


These H shapes ones are amazing too.


Also got these simple D shaped rings.These are REALLLLLLLLLY strong & heavy!!!!!!
I am very impressed with the quality.

I got a bagful of these decorative beads too:) I will probably add them to tassels or on thinner handles!!!
They look pretty chic:)


 These will add some bling to a plain purse:) The prongs at the back make them so easy to put!!!!

Also bumped into these really pretty zip pullers.Ain't they stylish:)


This lovely chain will probably adorn some clutch!!!!!!


There were so many pretty purse frames with antique  finish ,wooden handles & mind boggling array of purse accessories but unfortunately there was no ATM nearby & they wouldn't take cards:(
This is all I could get with the cash I had on me.................but even this is actually enough to make a good 20-25 purses:)
I also got key fobs & unbleached cotton for lining,so now I am armed with all these lovely fabrics & supplies, I am busy designing what actually I am going to make. Hopefully I will work out the details soon & start  making them :)


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