Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bags Galore!!!!

While coming back from our trip we halted in Delhi for 2 days.Went to Delhi Haat the first day. 
Delhi Haat is not just a market place; it has been visualized as a showpiece of traditional Indian culture- a forum where rural life and folk art are brought closer to an urban clientele.
The Delhi Haat provides the ambiance of a traditional Rural Haat or village market, but one suited for more contemporary needs. You can  see a synthesis of crafts, food and cultural activity. 
This Food and Craft Bazaar is a treasure house of Indian culture, handicrafts and ethnic cuisine.
A unique bazaar, in the heart of the city, it displays the richness of Indian culture on a permanent basis:)

I saw the most amazing purses & bags there...............mind you all are hand made!!!!
I went clickety click.............we had gone at night so that will explain the poor picture quality;)

These are leather purses.There were soooooo many that I could not click them individually:( 
See the clutches in the trays??????
These bags are made of jute which is known as Burlap.This stall was from West Bengal in India where jute items are traditionally made.The colors & variety were mind boggling!!!!!

See the painting on the bag????  I just love these & the handles are so pretty!!!!

Check out the clutches made from jute in the right corner.

These were made from thick home furnishing kind of materials...

These are my favorites............they are made of palm leaf.The strips are hand woven &  was available in amazing colors too!!!!!!!

See the intricate weaving!! They had leather straps riveted & had a zippered opening with pockets inside too!!!

I am cursing myself for not buying at least one:( There were other varieties of jute bags too.

These are absolutely traditional Indian bags with lot of bling:)

I loved these slouch bags too.

These were the most innovative.Each bag was made entirely put of ONE single stole:)
They were perfect............................zippered with lots of pockets too.I wish I could take more pics but my kids had no patience left by then:(

There was much much much much.........................more types there but unfortunately it was pretty late & with 2 hungry & cranky kids I couldn't do justice to all :(
So if anybody is in Delhi next time & is a bag maniac like me....................do go to Delhi haat:)
And the best part about shopping there is that only the craftsmen who are registered with D.C.Handicrafts are  eligible to find a place here. The 62 stalls selling handicrafts are allotted on a rotational basis to craftsmen who come from all corners of the vast & varied land of India at a payment of mere INR 100 per day 
( roughly 2$) for a maximum period of 15 Days. This ensures visitors buy authentic wares at prices that have not been inflated by high maintenance cost:)
So its a win win situation:)



I don't know who else will appreciate these beauties but i surely do! I love all the bags and i pick up atleast one when there's a handicraft exhibition in my city(i live in Ahmedabad)! Infact i remember very clearly standing at a stall like that and buying a couple of leather clutches and change purses(i have one that's shaped like an owl) and i have a palm leaf basket bag to exactly like the one in the eleventh pic! Scored it for just 120 rs.!!! :D

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