Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knitting away

I am a big knitter...............love to knit for my kids.Recently on out trip to Himalayas I took out a few sweaters of the kids & clicked the pics too:)
So here are a few of them with the links to the instructions.
This is my current favorite........ just loved making this.
 This pattern is Sprite from knitting adventures .I am a big fan of her knitting patterns.She has lovely patterns available free & for sale too.See the honeycomb pattern...................isn't it fantastic.The best part was that this is made in circle with no seams ,so it's really fun to knit this one:)
I also knit a matching cap for Sasha.
I didn't follow any pattern............just plain knit & pearl along with a couple of yellow bands in between & topped it off with a cute pom pom:)
I knit this for Adi for his last birthday.He demanded a sweater with a snowman just 8 days before his birthday!!!!!!
Being the indulgent mom that I am I managed to find a pattern online & finished it before his birthday;)
 What a challenge it was!!!!    Unfortunately when my computer crashed I lost the pattern & now I am not able to find it online:(
I will search for it & link it if I find it.Look at my honeybuns:))))

Mwah.........I love you:)


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