Saturday, August 7, 2010

Purse in progress

Just thought about sharing the latest project I am on to with you all.This is just a sneak peek;)
Remember the fab supplies I got from Delhi?? I have finally started on them.I decided to make first bag out of the floral print.
I zeroed in on a big tote with a basket shape as it looks perfect for a rose print.Added a big bow to one side .
To break the monotony of the print I added some fun elements like leather tassels to the bow!!!!!
Don't they look cool:)
The bow is sewed of course to the purse but I have added a kinda leather loop too..............have folded it & sewed where it goes around at the top.....see????
The strap of the purse will go through that folded detail:)  I am pretty happy with the design.The straps will be leather too & will be riveted to the purse through a D shaped holder:)
I love the indented detail on the material of the purse...............will have to find out what it's called before I list it:)
I was pretty worried as to how difficult it will to sew given its thickness & strength,but the sewing was like stitching on butter & cream!  Loved it.
I am adding a zipper to the opening & have made loads of pockets,pen slips & key-fob to the lining. So YAYYY...............I am quite excited but I will not list it before Monday .
I am also thinking of offering a standing discount of 10%  on everything to my followers:)
So keep an eye here.



Love this fabric, especially the leather trim! Can't wait to see it finished!

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