Sunday, September 19, 2010

101 treasuries:)

Remember I has posted the pic of beautiful beautiful Indian jute I had bought?
I finally got around to making it & I made one in my signature clutch design.Here it is
Now I am making a matching pleated tote from this jute.
It's biggest asset is its Eco- friendliness & since jute is manufactured in India,there is such a lovely variety available!
I am going to make many many more :)
I also entered the three digits in treasuries!
Yup.............I am currently on 101 treasuries:)))...................along with two FP appearances.
I am having a lazy Sunday morning & esp with Yash gone for 3 weeks,I have lot of time on my hands & loads of responsibilities:(
So I guess I am going to finish a few clutches I have started on..................they are scattered all over the house!
I don't know how a obsessive-compulsive cleaner like me has become so scatter brained!
Thanx to Etsy I am all day on the computer!
Time to clean up the things a bit & get on with the pending work!
See you all soon:)


Mruna Mistry

Thank you so much for adding the painting from my shop to your treasury!

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