Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All new Jute Tote

Keeping in line with my obsession to make matching clutch & tote,I made a tote in the lovely jute I have.What do you think???
This one too is zippered............I am not comfy with bags with just a magnetic snap which can pop open anytime!
It's OK with clutches,but bags & purses.........nah!!!!
I am super stingy when it comes to fabric,can't waste even a scrap of fabric & this beautiful jute!!!!............noways...I was just left with a small rectangle which I had no utility for but then my super stingy  brain kicked in & I just lined it,folded it up & added ............what else,a zipper;)
And this cutey pie pouch was made!
I added a pretty bracelet to the zip pull so it can be used as a wristlet  or can be attached to the key fob!
This goes free with the bag:)

I love love the bright pumpkin lining:)
I am going to buy more of this lovely jute & churn out some more bags & purses:)


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