Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creative lull & a hot treasury!

I have been goofing around ALL day today!
Done zilch,nada,a big fat ZERO!
I don't know why,my industrial machine was giving me trouble ,I got it repaired so I should be technically sitting on my machine & sewing away to glory but like I said zilch,nada,a big fat ZERO:(
I am feeling a tremendous inertia to do anything:)
The only thing I feel I have achieved today is one of the treasuries I created today moved from page 4 to 3 & now it's on page 2!!!!
Boy..................it's hot or what;)

You can see it here for a better look

Hopefully I will be up & about tomorrow & get to work!.................Now I am going to get myself out of this damn chair & go breateh in some fresh air!
I have become a cyber addict!


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