Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My first pdf clutch pattern

I have decided to make pdf patterns too along with purses & bags.I have come up with  pdf pattern for my pleated clutch with wood handles.

My pdf includes 9 page instructions with color pics for EACH step:)
Yup..........it's so much easier to understand visually rather than reading pages after pages of text.Honestly my eyes start to glaze over after 1st page!
I am almost done,just a few last minute edits remaining.............will be listed by today evening:)
Am Happy!!!



Priti, you must've been reading my mind -- I was just looking at your shop wishing you did patterns as well! Will they be only for personal use or will you allow people to sell finished products from them? I love the clutch purse, the wooden handles are so cool!


Daisy..........have commented on your blog,have a look:)

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