Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My guest post on Handmade Spark

Handmade Spark is a  marketing service that helps Etsy sellers get more visibility across the web through search engine optimization  .Its a new site but growing by leaps & bounds. I did a guest post for them today.........here it is:)   Guest Post-Arm Candy For You

I am really not happy with the fact that I am not able to do more blogging:(
But I am soooo occupied right now...........I am going to share with you all ,what i have been up to  past few days.I finished the pdf pattern for my zippered pleated clutch finally & listed it:)
 Making pdf's pattern takes lot of time!.........but I am glad I did it:)
Also made another pdf pattern for my signature clutch with wooden handles but this one is with inverted pleats:)
Made this one in bone colored faux leather too:).............next I am working on making a top fold bag along with its pdf....so you see  I AM busy!
Other than making Arm Candy I have been up to few other things too.I have joined this wonderfully innovative team  called Etsy TeamDiscovery- A team on a quest to discover the hidden gems of Etsy.
Members curate treasuries featuring undiscovered stores (less than 20 sales), creating promotion threads in the forums and promoting through social networking while simultaneously offering the same support to the  team members. It's really cool!
I am currently on 72 treasuries none of them curated by me:)
Well.............I do curate treasuries,but I do not feature myself:)
Here is my latest treasury...............go have a look.
I am loving  making new friends & getting to know other etsians. Now I am off to finish my new pdf pattern & will catch you all soon with some new bag making goodies:)


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