Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Truckload of leather:)

I finally found some suppliers locally who offer pure cow leather:)
I was trying to find vendors online,but wasn't too keen on ordering leather without having a feel of the grain & texture !!!!!
This is such a godsend:).........I had decided to buy a few colors,but ended up buying around 30 shades!!!!
Yes...........it did cost me a bomb,but I just couldn't resist them.Pile over pile of lovely colors,it was toooo hard to resist,so I didn't:)
 I haven't added the pics of regular browns,black,tan,maroons........didn't have patience to sit & make such a big collage:)
Most of these are pure cow leather with a few calf leather in between...................my mind is absolutely churning with ideas & design I am going to create! 
In the pile I found this wow batik tie & dyed leather,the colors combined with pure leather gives it such an amazing look..........can't wait to get started on this:)
Some of them have crocodile skin pattern & few with snake skin pattern too.........
I am also planning to open up another shop exclusively for the leather purses.............what do you think???????
Is it a good idea or I should just go ahead & list them along with my regular purses?



Hi Priti...Your bags are so pretty...and very inspiring...I wanted to start making bags too...but I am having problem looking for canvas and animal skin non leather material...I live in Mumbai...so if u have any suggestions which you would'nt mind sharing it would really help...

P.S i love party clutch :)


H Priti,
I too am having a hard time finding leather in colors, locally. I would buy on the internet, but haven't found a site yet that offers a variety of colors. Can you please post the website of the place you purchased your leather or you can email me the website at joannsc547@gmail.com Thanks and know that your tutorials have been a great help.

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