Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deciphering Etsy Listing Time

I have been on etsy now for almost a month & one question that very frequently crops up is "What is the ideal Listing time"???
I haven't found the answer to that.............but I have learnt & realised a few things which I would like to share with my fellow etsians.
I always wondered if I could know the exact time at which I got maximum visitors to my shop!!!!
Wishful thinking eh??????.................not really,we CAN know that thanks to Google Analytics!

I am sure everybody has GA attached to their etsy shops,if not this is how to do it.Firstly sign up for GA here.It's free & pretty simple! Once you do that click on "Add a new profile".You will get to a page where you have to select a domain.............write your shop URL there,fill up other details like country ,time etc.Once you click on continue you will get some giant huge codes which you will have no idea what to do with!!!

Relax..........just ignore that & see a code written there which starts with UA-(followed by some number).That is your GA tracking code,copy that &go to your etsy shop .Click on "Web Analytics"under Shop Setup.Simply paste the code there & your GA tracking is done,as simple as that:)
But give it at least 24 hours to start collating the data!
 OK .......so now have installed GA you have to know when did you get max visitors,log in to your account,this is what it will look like.....

See the VISITORS I have encircled,click there.This is what you will get

Now click on the Visitor Trending encircled by me.You will see VISITS under it,click & it will give you this page.

There is this clock symbol on the right side next to Graph,click on it & Voila..................see when you get maximum visitors.This is what I got for my shop.

So basically I get max views at 6 pm!
I think I will be doing all my listings,re listings,renewals at 6 pm now:)
You go figure yours:)
I am not claiming that this will lead to sales or views but as an engineer this is what my logical brain tells me!
Just my 2 cents!
Wish all of us loads of sales:)



Wow thanks for that tip, I've been wanting to get more out of GA.


Interesting post. I will check it out! Thanks!


Thank you! Very helpful post :)

ZAJA Natural

It never occurred to me to look at GA that way. Thanks for pointing it out. Mine says 2 pm and 3 pm are the highest traffic times.


Thanks for the heads up - I will go through this all properly tomorrow when I'm awake!


Thanks for this post. I checked out mine..and I get visitors at 6 am !! sheesh..one more thing to do at 6 am :)

Menucha Jewelry

thanx! gonna try that out.


I'm going to try this. Thanks!


Thanks for posting this. I am going to give it a try. I wonder if the hours listed follows my own time zone (in the Philippines).

Shonda herblueyestudio

OMG! I looked at the GA and the code thing looked way over my head and I never ended up signing up for it. I'm doing it today! Thank you thank you for spelling it out to a simplton! xo


This is awesome! 12-1 seems like my high time for the whole year :)


I am so glad this has helped you:)

Shonda herblueyestudio

I installed it tonight and relisted some items so I'll get back with you tomorrow...xo

Big Bad Art Collective

Ahhh...been wondering how to do that! Thanks a bunch.


Thanks Priti! I was having trouble finding the clock, and you helped me out so much!


Thank you so much! I've been wondering how to do that!


Thank you, I am so slow at working these things out on my own!


you are welcome.............I am glad you found it useful:)

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