Sunday, October 24, 2010

My 4th & 5th FP appearance

This weekend has been full of activities!
Two of the treasuries I was on made it to the FP yesterday!
I was in the alternates on both of them..............on one I did make it to the FP:)
So I should say my 4 and a half FP appearance;)
Here they are
See my clutch last in the last row?..........poor thing didn't see the light of FP;)
But this one did
See the second purse in the last row?.............but I don't know how much time it spent on the FP!
I did get a sale from this appearance though.The most expensive leather purse in my shop sold thanx to this:)
Here's to many more:)



Congrat's! Your purses are lovely :)

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