Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's in the mail?

Remember I told you about the contest I won in "Sew Mama Sew"...............the prize was a subscription to Ottobre magazine.............they finally arrived!

I am SUPER excited!!!............there are tons of amazing patterns for kids,I don't sew much for myself but I absolutely adore making things for my kids.These are winter editions with lots of coats & jackets patterns,my son is really really happy as I don't really know what to sew for a boy!
Now I have tons of ideas & accurate patterns!....YAY............the detailing is exquisite!
Other than my industrial machine I have an OLLLLLD sewing machine,my mom's wedding gift!
It works wonderfully but it is very slow plus I have to operate it with one hand!................yeah,it's really old,so I have FINALLY decided to go in for a new jazzier machine....................this is what I am investing in:)))
I hope to make many more purses with the additional speed & flexibility this will allow me:)

Speaking of purses,I finally got tags for my purses done,here they are.Got them done in 2 color combinations,ain't I smart;)
These thingies are super cheap in India,I got 2000 tags done for 66$!!

So I am off to buy my new machine & will hopefully make a clutch today & come back with an update tomorrow:)



Good luck with the new machine! I'm planning on "stealing" my mom's old machine next month when I go by her house on the way to pick up my son from college. She's got an old Singer that my dad gave to her in the early 1970's, plus it's been thru Hurricane Katrina, so it may not even work! But there's something about an old machine that's been used for so long, makes me feel nostalgic!

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