Thursday, December 9, 2010

welcome & farewell!

LOL..............I know the title sounds very dramatic but currently my life revolves around my creations aka....my purses so this post is for all the farewells & the welcome additions to  my shop!
All these lovelies have found new owners :)


And have added these yummilicious clutches to the shop:)
OOh............Isn't it fun?
I have now started on a pretty red purse...............yup a purse not a clutch,clutches are all I seem to be making nowadays! Well the red one will have a striped side gussets & top zip closure with a few cute fabric roses on the front!
Can't wait to get started & post the pics here:)

I am down with seveeeeeeeeere cold so I am kinda doubtful that I will finish it today but lemme atleast start!
Will be back with updates soonish:)


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