Friday, December 3, 2010

Something new & Blue?

I told you about the brocades I got right?
So I decided to start with a pretty turquoise blue with golden dots woven in it...........I actually want to say that I will NEVER make this clutch again but it has turned out sooooo pretty that I have already started with the next one;)
With so many layers of interfacing it was really difficult to make it,but the end result was worth all the headaches while sewing!
 I have a saree in the exact same shade,so I am really tempted to keep it for myself instead of putting it in the shop;)
I lined it in dull gold silk & added a zippered compartment inside:)
Check out the boxy base.............it can carry so many things!

The next one I have started is in reverse combo,the body of the clutch is in gold with blue dots & the flap is in blue with golden dots..............I am soooooo excited about making it........will post pics tomorrow:)


jaya pratheesh

oh, so pretty. you can call it a wedding clutch on etsy..


thank you Jaya:)

Caitlin of Spare Bedroom Studio

Hi there! Found your blog through Team Discovery's Wednesday Friendsday!! LOVE it!


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