Saturday, January 1, 2011


What I love the most about shipping out packages is gift wrapping them!
My USP is my Indian-ness & I always wrap my bags in traditional Indian papers in vibrant colors like red,purple,green,blue .They have Indian elephants,diyas(clay lamps),om..............etc on them:)
I also love adding handmade messages.I write the message in calligraphy on a tracing paper & then stick it on a piece of handmade paper.I have gorgeous thick handmade papers in plenty of colors

Then I tie the note with a cute ribbon around the package:)
This is the package that went out today.................still haven't gift wrapped it though.............it goes in a protective plastic sheet first
See my calligraphy skills...............ain't I multi- talented;)

Then it goes in a thick cloth lined envelope &  finally in a cloth bag,sealed with a sealing wax & posted :)
I have got many a compliments on my packaging & that is thrilling!

Well,I am beginning my new year with a holiday.................tomorrow we drive off to the beautiful desert state of India...............Rajasthan,I am super excited about it & the supplies I can buy from there other than the gorgeous sarees & jewelery I will definitely buy!

Will be back in 10 days or so & will come back with an update then:)
Till then stay safe ,happy &
                                          HAVE A BLAST THIS NEW YEAR



Love the colorful wrapping and the calligraphy looks beautiful! I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award! To accept, just visit my blog and pass along the award. Have fun on your holiday!


Those papers are beautiful and your handwriting is exquisite!


thank you so much:)

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