Friday, January 14, 2011

Small Duffel

I decided to make a small duffel bag from the gorgeous chocolate Camel leather I got from Rajasthan.I finally found the box of rivets I had misplaced a few months backs & I went ballistic with the rivets:)
LOL............you can see that right;)
I had so much fun making it.............thinking of making a pdf for it too.............I have loooooooooooooot's of plans ,let's see how many actually materialise:)
Here's my ever so sporting neighbor wearing it in different ways!
It is already in the shop in case you want to grab it!



Love the shape! Is the long strap removable? Or does it tuck inside the purse? I'm looking at the pictures on the left and can't see where it is! You could almost make all the straps removable so nothing hangs from the bag. Either way, it looks great!

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