Thursday, February 24, 2011

Care for your leather bag!

As a self-proclaimed leather bag expert(koff koff), I have to know the in's & out's of caring for a leather bag!Leather purses do fall in the category of being called Luxury purses & till you own one you never had to worry about caring for leather !
But once you have made the investment(yup,it's an investment) you naturally want to  get the most out of your purchase and make sure that it lasts for years to come!
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First of all, congratulations on making a great purchase!

* A great leather is the best raw material for a bag that you want to last for a long time. Good leather will be alwayz supple, a pleasure to touch,beautiful, and will withstand the test of time IF it is cared for properly.

* You want to keep your bag looking good and stain free, & at the same time enjoy using it. The first thing you need to know is that there is no need to spend a ton of money on leather care products! You  spent enough buying the purse;)........... it is a definite NO-NO to spend more on high priced care products! All you really need is a clean rag and some natural wax such as bees wax:)

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* The first thing  to ensure is that the bag doesn’t get wet. Most good bags can withstand weather conditions so a couple raindrops isn’t going to kill your bag, but please don't stand in a  in a downpour with it,even if it is a LV! .They too use plain leather not steel enforced leather;) And if it does get a lil  damp, pat it dry with a clean dry towel or an absorbent cloth as soon as possible.

And pahleeeeeese DO NOT dry it with a clothes dryer, hair dryer or heater! Your bag will be fine to air dry , the heat will ruin the leather!

*Also keep your paws clean while touching the purse. There is no good way to wash stains off of leather, so anything that cannot be removed with a damp cloth will likely remain a stain. It is an expensive item, so treat it like one!

* Store it in its dust bag cover or use a natural fibre soft pillowslip,most of the good quality leather bags come with their own fabric bag to store them in,mine do...........................so ALWAYZ keep them in the bag when not in use & remember NO plastic bags!

*As for your regular upkeep routine, you can apply some leather wax or bees wax sparingly every month or so. There is no reason to overdo it! The wax will keep the leather supple and shiny and will ensure that it doesn’t get dry and cracked. When in doubt ask the opinion of a professional leather dry cleaner as hides can differ in sensitivity!

*If you are going for a weekly shopping romp then unless you are planning to impress a prospective Mr Right, avoid taking your special bag to the supermarket!  Trolleys can scratch your bag and mark it permanently!

So now that I have dispensed my pearls of wisdom go ahead & enjoy that killer bag of yours for years & years to come!


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