Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's scraptastic!

Everybody who is into some serious sewing inevitably collects tons of scraps........... right!
And if you are anything like me,you will not throw away even the teeny tiny scrap even if it means the room/home looking like a fabric dumpster!
The next best thing to throwing them away is more sewing :)
So I have been scavenging for projects which I can make using my tons of leftover fabrics & this is my list of things to make!

*So number 1 on my list is
 These Oh so gorgeous sweetheart pin cushions from Happy Together............I need a pincushion badly,the needles seem to think my tush is the right place to lodge themselves in!

*I am currently suffering from pillow fever..............you can see my latest pillow creations here...................so as soon as I saw a pillow which uses scraps I went jumping up & down flailing my arms!
So this cute Scrap Buster Fall Pillow from Cluck Cluck Sew is next in line!

* Um.........what next?
aw.....how cute is this bunny ornament!.....I found this super tut on The sometimes crafter.

*I am super stingy when it comes to make something for myself!.............but this I cannot resist:)
I am sooooooooo making this scrap fabric necklace whose tut I found on Small Magazine.

*Check out the cute appliques here!
I am drooling over the cute ties,buntings,birdies & all the gorgeous appliques that I can learn from lemontree Creations

These thingies should keep me busy for a long time!..................happy scrap gathering:)


April and Holly

ok, my comment just disappeared :) LOL I said that I love your applique projects and I was looking for an idea for a new pin cushion so I was thrilled to see your little "pillow" creations! Came to visit from Tatertots. Great tutorials!


hey April & Holly:)
isn't that pin cushion cute!
have fun making it:)


Fun projects! Love the little pin cushions!


me too Della:)


All of those projects are beyond adorable! Especially that pillow!


Thanks for posting that! I can NEVER figure out what to do with my scraps and I can't bring myself to toss them!!


LOL...........I am going absolutely bonkers thinking which one to start first:)

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