Thursday, April 7, 2011

healthy eating day!

 My kids announced yesterday evening that today is going to be Healthy Eating Day in the school & they have to carry fresh & juicy apples for lunch!

              Why do kids make these announcements when ALL the fruits in the house are finished!                                
Well.............so it led to an impromptu visit to the super market & I hate going there with the kids!
Tagging along 2 brats is not my idea of shopping!
They had fun of course choosing their Apples:)

And ALL moms know a trip to supermarket with kids in tow means more UNNECESSARY shopping,they don't need my help at all!

Well.............we finished all the wanted & unwanted shopping & were back home when my son pulled out this story he is supposed to recite in the school as part of Healthy Eating Day celebrations,it's so lovely & cute ,I wanted to share it with you all!

I don't know if this motivates kids to have their veggies,but it certainly motivated me to share it here with all other moms who struggle on a daily basis with their kids & convincing them to have veggies!

 There was a Mr. Potato & he had a friend called Mr. Tomato.
One day they went to meet their old teacher whose name was Mr.Green the Cucumber.
This meeting was held in the cold month of December.
He had a beautiful wife who was called Mrs.Pea.
She welcomed Mr. Tomato & Mr. Potato with crunchy veggies.
She introduced her daughters Ms. Radish & Ms. carrot.
They had a cook whose name was Mr. Ginger.
All these helped me to make my food tasty,HEALTHY & yummy!

LOL...........how cute is that:)................what do you do to make the broccoli & spinach more palatable?
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Just stopping by from the UBP2011! I can't wait to keep reading your blog. And I am loving the Mr. Potato story haha!

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thank you:)

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