Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pride of my home!

My hubs & I are very keen collectors of all GOOD things in life!
I love good authentic vintage..............who doesn't?
Not clothing though,I would NEVER wear something worn by somebody!
I love antiques,genuine antiques & I INVESTED in one rather heavily!

But it is TOTALLY worth it!

There is an ancient form of painting in Indian called Thanjavur paintings!

Tanjore painting (Tamil: தஞ்சாவூர் ஓவியம், Thanjavur Oviyam) is an important form of classical South Indian painting native to the town of Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore) in Tamil Nadu, India.
The art form dates back to about 1600 AD.Tanjore paintings are known for their surface richness, vivid colours and REAL GOLD work on it!
Episodes from Hindu tradition are drawn upon as elaboration to the main figure or figures placed in the central section of the picture. Tanjore paintings are in fact panel paintings done on solid wood planks,painted & covered with gold !

So we bought a 100 YEAR OLD Thanjavur painting straight from a palace! 

Sorry for the bad pic,it is mounted on the wall & I did not want to take it down to take a proper pic!
so you can see the shadows of my living room in the glass frame:)

Did you notice all that intricate gold work...........its REAL!

This is Lord Krishna as a toddler,we call him Baal Krishna which literally means Baby Krishna.
OK now you know I have pink & green curtains;)

Check out the solid wood frame...............it is totally insulated ,the back of the painting is amazing,no wonder it has remained intact for over a century!

I am sooooo proud of owning this.
If I could afford,I would buy more,but for now this is the ONLY authentic antique I have & it adorns my walls & that makes me so happy:)

P.S-Don't forget the giveaway ends tomorrow!


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