Monday, May 2, 2011

Can I rant ?!?!

sure I can...............it's my blog;)
No seriously,I don't want to bore you or bother you but I had the most terrible week ever!

First I was down with respiratory tract infection which just reinforced the fact that how quickly I am aging & how quickly my immunity is going down!

Earlier even if I was ill,I would be uncomfy sure,but that was about it,but this time,I was down BADLY!
I didn't cook even one meal for my children,my hubby took care of the kids & survived on take out,or instant noodles!

Had NO energy to be up & going as I am always:(

The infection gave way to even worse gum infection & docs/dentists just could not fathom what was triggering the intense pain!
All x- rays were normal showing no problem in any tooth,so they just could not pin point the root of the pain!

7 days of antibiotics & pain killers have me completely floozy & zombie like!

But today I am feeling much better & even though I am feeling very weak ,but I am keen to get to work!
So I will be choosing the winner for my last week's giveaway shortly & will be posting a new one:)

Meanwhile to pamper myself,I bought this on Etsy for me from simplicitycosmetics

mineral eyeshadow-plum
mineral foundation-ivory


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