Thursday, May 5, 2011

My life List!

Going through my fav blogs I came across this awesome post of listing 100 things you want to do in your life!
I was so tickled with this idea,I decided to make my own list...........not 100 though!...........I will start with 50,what say!

I don't want to make a philosophical list saying I want to be a good human being,or make a difference to the world,but an actual physical list of things I WILL/WANT to do!

So here I go!

1. Travel to the north & south pole.
2.Loose weight & look good wearing anything!
3.Learn to groom my hair better
4.Go & see Eiffel Tower
5.Learn to ski
6..Para sail over Himalayas
7.Have a beautiful garden with fruit trees in it.
8.Swim in dead sea
9.Get a tattoo
10.Learn to make jewelery
11.Own a successful business
12.Go on a trekking trip across Europe ALONE!
13.Attend an opera
14.See a broadway show
15.Have enough courage to swim in the deep end of the swimming pool!
16.Learn Indian classical dance
17.Take training in singing
18.Bungee jump
19.Do aqua para sailing
20.Go to NYC & have macarons!
21.See my son grow tall & handsome:)
22.See the Egyptian pyramids
23.Own a silhouette machine & make cool things with it.
24.Go on a romantic getaway to rural England with hubs without kids,dog,worries!
25.River raft
26.Ride through Central Park like Phoebe:)
27.Buy a good DSLR camera & click awesome pics with it
28.Do  Zorbing
29.Make gorgeous dresses,bags & jewelery for my daughter
30.Drive on the beautiful roads of south africa
31.Take my kids to Disney Land
32.Fly in a chopper over the Amazons
33.Visit animal safari in Kenya
34.Go to venice & ride a gondola
35.Sponsor a poor & deserving child's education
36.Attend an outdoor/beach wedding
37.Open a small lil boutique of my own selling my handmade bags & jewelery!
38.Taste tons of variety of chocolates around the world
39.Make a kennel for doggie B & a tree house for my kids
40.Make a silhouette poster of my family
41.Have a super successful blog
42.Grow my hair REALLLY long
43.Do river rappelling without falling off in the river !
44.Let go for a day & get drunk!(sorry mom,dad!!!)
45.Do a craft fair abroad
46.Read all the cool books that I haven't since I started my business
47.See Mona Lisa for myself & decide if it is worth all the hype!
48.Visit NASA
49.Go on a beach actually wearing a swimsuit (not possible in India!)
50.Sleep on a waterbed!

Phew............wow,I didn't know I wanted to do half these things!
I am sure I will come up with next 50 too ..................soonish!
What are the things YOU want to do........make a list & link up:)



Did you mean RUN through Central Park like Phoebe? Because if so, I'l do it with you! LOL
Well, only if I win a free trip there...I would love to go someday though!
Is it alright with you if I do the same thing on my blog? I love the idea!


Jade.............it's not as if this was my original idea..........I too borrowed it from a blog:)
go ahead & do it,& link it here please,I would love to read it:)

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