Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Son:)

My Sonnie boy turned 8 this 3rd September!.............he is already showing the signs of nearing teenage,sigh!!
Why/how do kids grow up so fast!
I don't want to dwell on the sentiments of a child growing up & eventually away,I am just going to share what we did for his birthday!

This is just before he left for school on the 3rd,though we had his party  the next day!

For the decor,I made tons of buntings from colorful crepe paper & criss-crossed them across the small lil lawn sprinkled with balloons & a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner:)

I plucked a bunch of flowers & stuck them in a jug for additional color:)

Cupcake toppers are a novel concept in India,so the kids were super amused by them,they picked up the toppers & left the cup cakes alone in the second serving .......LOL:).................I printed out the free toppers printable from here- Best Gift Idea

Made a ruffle sorta cake inspired from here.............it's not an exact copy but yes the inspiration was that ruffled cake!

I made triangles out of handmade paper,wrote my son's name on it , hot glued it to a scrap of white wool ,tied it to chopsticks & my banner was ready...............Tada :)
1. Noodles
2. Mac 'n' Cheese 
3. Pizza
4. Chocolate Chip muffins
5. Samosa
6.Strawberry Ice cream in cones
7. Cake
8. Juices

LOL.............I forgot to click pics of other goodies like favors & the ice cream mania! ........................the kids were going absolutely ballistic especially when doggie B came out to join the celebrations:)

 Was a fun party & now I am back to business:)

Clicked pics of a cute Doily Waterproof  Messenger  in white & red which I had made but didn't find the time to list................It is in the shop now:)

Find it here



Omg adi really looks different in each picture..wish I was also there to celebrate his birthday..happy birthdayy adi..lots of luv Priya atya

Poppy and Pearl Co.

Time goes by so fast :( My oldest turned 8 in June so I know how you feel... Seeing him makes me feel old! ;) Looks like it was a memorable and wonderful day. ~Bobbi

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