Sunday, June 6, 2010

Halter top tutorial

I had been wanting to make a halter top or a halter dress for my daughter but was procrastinating for quite a while.I bumped into this perfect tutorial while surfing internet.There was no way i was not going to grab this tutorial & jump start on it.Since i didnt have any bias tape so i used contrasting regular cotton fabric.I cut strips & used it as i would bias tape.
But i decided to make a dress instead of top.The only change was in the length...............otherwise it remained the same.

She is flying a plane here:)

It looked sooooo cute that i decided to make one more.So the next one was made with white printed fabric & instead of bias tape again i used a co-ordinating printed cotton which looks really cute.
I also made small lil rosettes & added them on the dresses.

This is one tutorial I'm going to keep using again & again.Please post links to dresses you make using this .I would love to see different interpretations.
This is the tutorial


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